"The Needle-less Botox"

Copied from nature to give you an easy,
effective and painless way to erase wrinkles.

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Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Tighten sagging skin.

Diminish age spots.

This moisturizer will usually last for 1.5 - 2 months depending on your usage.

Contains XEP-018. A scientific breakthrough formula that copies the venom of the deep sea cone snail to instantly relax your fine lines.

Prolonged use will give your skin a lift, becomes more plump and
with clearer complexion.

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The science behind XEP-018.

Conus consors from deep sea

Identification of MU-conotoxin CnlllC in snail genome

22 AA Peptide, Folded, 3 Disulfide Bonds SYNTHETIC BIOMIMETIC of MU-conotoxin CNlllC

Topical application

Skin neuromuscular system

Neuromuscular junction

28 Days: Wrinkles Softening When Smiling

☑ Key Results

A significant and visible decrease of wrinkles aspect (Surface-Length-Dept.) when smiling characteristic of Muscle relaxation.
• Crows feet
• Under eye area

1 fl 0z

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